Research team

I am now retired and I just have one student left (Philipp); but I also include some of my team from my last decade

Philipp Robeck (PhD student, part-time) invasion lag phases
Hanna and Sarah 2
Hanna Rosinger (PhD student, Monash University)  genomics at invasion fronts, now in Switzerland
Tara Jalali (hD student) pollinator-plant interactions

Stephen Tobin (MSc student) pollinator behaviour, now at Centre for AgriBioscience, La Trobe University


Qi Sun (MPhil student) seed germination, now at Swinburne University

Chengjun Li (PhD student) plant breeding systems, now at Institute of Environmental Research at Greater Bay, Guangzhou University, China
Mohsen Mesgaran
Mohsen Mesgaran (postdoc) modelling, now at UC-Davis Plant Sciences
Sara Ohadi (PhD student) molecular biogeography, now in California
Carol (sabbatical visitor from China)
Mathieu Bonnieu (postdoc) mathematician, now at French National Institute for Agricultural Research: Petit-Bourg, Guadeloupe

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