Chile & Argentina 2018

For Jane & me this was our second time in South America, but Ruth tagged along for her first trip there.  We started in Santiago, Chile and took a couple of days to get over the flight.  Jane & Ruth then flew north to the Atacama Desert while I went south to Bariloche San Carlos in Argentina for a 5-day workshop.  The others joined me at the end of that and we set off on the Lakes Crossing, a series of boats and buses that pass through the Andes, close to several volcanoes, to Puerto Varas in Chile.  A whistle-stop tour to Chiloe Island (very crowded and with long traffic jams), which is where all the penguin photos were taken.  Ruth then flew home, leaving Jane and I with a few days to see around that part of Chile.  Had a couple days with Felipe, a guide with Birds Chile: one day on an estuary and another in temperate rain-forest.  Fantastic places, even though the weather was unpredictable.

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